Environmental Integrity

Environmental Integrity, Sustainability & Wellness:


In today’s busy world where the standard of living seems to be a paramount objective, we often inadvertently compromise our quality of life. Clean air; clear, palatable water; an intact natural environment, are all necessary elements for sustainable life.


As co-founders of the environmental group EARTHROOTS in 1986, we endeavor to remain true to our beliefs that without a strong environment, we lack the inclination to live within our means. There is no question that Cabin Falls is situated in one of Canada’s most beautiful locations, pristine as well as sensitive to disturbance. We have attempted to leave as modest a footprint as possible, blending the ecolodge with the surrounding terrain in colour and design. A great deal of our building materials have been obtained from recycled lumber or sustainably managed forests. We use green products as much as possible and have all of our refuse and recyclables flown out of the park for proper disposal.


We aren’t perfect, by any means, and do rely on the local air service for transportation in and out of the lodge. We do offer the option of paddling in or out of the lodge from two different park access points, spending an overnight along the way, a two-day, 35 kilometer trip by canoe. Cabin Falls Ecolodge is powered by a combination solar and water-power system. Our drinking water is drawn from a pure spring, borne out of the old-growth pine forest. Fishing for natural brook trout is encouraged, using barbless hooks and a ‘catch-and-release’ technique.


Our menu at the lodge is often prepared using organic foods and a mind to healthy living. All of our activities focus on personal well-being and a relationship with the unique natural environment; we are located in one of the largest remaining ancient forests; matched with the beauty of the falls, it is a perfect place for re-connection, solitude, meditation and renewal.


Hap & Andrea Wilson, 2016