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Remote, Wild, Spectacular

Temagami. A land where still waters run deep and majestic pines tower like giants. Where the smooth blue of 700 lakes can transform into coursing white rapids and cascading waterfalls at the turn of a bend.

Gateway to Canada’s breathtaking northern wilderness and its unparalleled access to adventure, Temagami is a place to unwind, unplug, and recharge. A place to create memories that will last you a lifetime.

The Ojibwa call it n’Daki Menan – our land. We call it home.

You’ll call it ….






Discover a renewed sense of freedom and adventure far within the matchless beauty of Canada’s northern wilderness.

Accessible only by floatplane and canoe, Cabin Falls is an adventure-centered, remote outpost surrounded by thousands of acres of ancient, old-growth pine forests. Perched atop a 30-foot waterfall on Temagami’s Lady Evelyn River, this historic ecolodge offers a beautiful blending of nature and rustic elegance

From snow melt to snow fall, May through October.

Cabin Falls

No roads. No boundaries. No limits.
Only nature at its very best



Journey into the Wild

Your adventure starts the moment you step onto the float plane

A 20 –minute flight over the wild Temagami landscape inspires a sensation of perfect peace mingled with a rising air of excitement. Flying above ancient timberland, interconnecting waterways, and cascading waterfalls, the vastness and beauty of the natural world becomes real.

Gliding onto the smooth waters of Katherine Lake, deep in the high country adjacent to Maple Mountain, you begin to truly experience the freedom of the unknown. Canoes wait at the shore, ready to transport you downriver, past moose, beaver, mink, until the sound of the rapids tells you you’re nearing Cabin Falls.

And your journey’s just beginning.

“It’s only when you’re flying above it that you realize how incredible the Earth really is.”
Phillippe Perrin


Wilderness Adventures

Experience something new and different each day


Wilderness is the unexpected, the unknown. Here, at Cabin Falls, you’ll experience a renewed sense of freedom and adventure, and a singular connection to the natural world. Here, at Cabin Falls, you choose your own adventure.

No Itinerary

There’s no set itinerary at Cabin Falls. Adventures are personally crafted to fit your experience, your fitness and your interests. Every day, every adventure is different. Only nature - and your imagination - are our guides.

With access to over 40,000 hectares (nearly 100,000 acres) of pristine, protected wilderness, your choices are infinite.

You may hike through the old-growth forest, slide down a natural rock sluice at Center Falls, or swim in one of the natural, infinity-type pools below. Or perhaps run the rapids, followed by a spectacular hike up one of Ontario’s highest peaks, stopping for a casual lunch at Shangra La Falls – one of the prettiest spots along the Lady Evelyn River.

The next day could find you on a flight to Spirit Rock and a ceremony with an Ojibwa elder, followed by a traditional native lunch. Or taking a late afternoon hike to Lost Lake, followed by wine and cheese as you watch the sun slip behind the hills.

And after the adrenalin recedes, kick back by the fire and enjoy a cocktail while star gazing and watching for northern lights. Whatever your preference, your experiences will be ones you will always cherish.

Adventuring as it’s meant to BE



The warm sunshine on your face, the sound of the wind rustling through the trees overhead, and the soft earthy feel of the trail under your boots. Not only are these experiences enjoyable, but they’re good for you, too.