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It’s Springtime. And the trout are jumping.

Fly Fishing

The ice has cleared, the waters are flowing, and the bugs are back out. And the trout have noticed.

After waiting out the winter and not eating much, they suddenly become more active, their metabolism shifts into high gear, and they’re ready to eat anything and everything remotely edible. It’s then that your lures and flies start looking mighty tasty.

A combination of this sudden abundance of food and rising temperatures make spring the absolutely best time to angle for trout

Air/Water Temperature is the Key

Temperature swings in the spring can be pretty wild and those changes can impact a trout’s behavior. When the temperature is on the upswing, fish become hungrier and more active; even a shift of a few degrees can make a big difference.

In the spring, as the ice recedes in lakes and ponds and the sun shines down, the water warms up. And the shallows, with their proximity to the shore and plenty of insects and worms ready for the taking, become the perfect feeding grounds for trout. Although trout will be anywhere and everywhere there’s a pond or lake, they’ll be much easier to catch from shore than in any other season.

And there’s no better place to take advantage of this fishing windfall than at Cabin Falls Ecolodge on the Lady Evelyn River.

The Temagami First Nations called the Lady Evelyn River, men-jamma-go-sibi, or “trout streams”. The river is a typical ‘pool-and-drop’ waterway, with nine waterfalls and several rapids. That correlates with some great fishing in the pools and eddies. It’s all natural brook trout or “speckles” – a feisty fish that will challenge any angler.

Our excursions follow catch-and-release and barbless hook protocols, in keeping with wilderness park ethical angling principles. But, fear not, your hard work will still be rewarded. We’ll keep enough of your catch to enjoy a nice sampling. Great fun, challenging fishing, healthy exercise and gourmet meals. All at Cabin Falls.

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