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Guided Day Expeditions

Helen Falls Hike & Wild Swim: 5 km. 3-4 hours’ return
Lunch provided

One of our most popular day hikes from the lodge. A moderately easy hike with some short rocky sections at the falls portage. Helen Falls is the highest waterfall on the Lady Evelyn River with excellent swimming and cliff diving below. There is also a good chance to see moose in the two marsh areas along the trail. There are two excellent viewpoints while photography presents numerous opportunities.

PaddleInTripsHelen Falls & Center Falls Hike & Wild Swim: 10 km. 6-7 hours’ return
Lunch provided

A challenging cross-country hike with a few more difficult stretches but loads of fun. Added to the Helen Falls hike is a chance to slide down a natural rock sluice at Center Falls, or just swim in the many infinity-type pools below the falls. Known as the “Golden Staircase”, Center Falls is a popular ‘stopover’ camping area for canoeists traveling upstream.

Bridal Veil Falls Paddle & Hike & Wild Swim: 2-5 km. 2 hours’ return
Snacks provided

Also known as “Twin Sisters” or “High Falls”, this is one of the more picturesque falls on the Lady Evelyn River. The view above the falls overlooking the canyon is breathtaking. Swimmers can actually get under the main falls here (flow dependent) and swimming in the pool below is unparalleled. This is an easy trek with a steep, rocky descent around the falls.

Fat Man’s Falls Paddle & Hike & Wild Swim: 6 km. 4-5 hours’ return
Lunch provided

This is a moderately difficult addition to the Bridal Veil day trip. The canyon is spectacular and there is a good chance to see moose along the way. We have even spotted eastern cougar here. For those whitewaterists, there is also the opportunity to run the 1 km. class II rapids (flow & skill level dependent). Fat Man’s “squeeze” is known for its narrow crevice one must squeeze through at the top of the portage.

animalsDry Lake Ridge & Shangra La Hike & Paddle: 12 km. 6-8 hours’ return
Lunch provided

This is our hallmark day adventure. A little fun whitewater, a spectacular hike up one of Ontario’s highest peaks at Dry Lake, and a casual lunch at Shangra La Falls – one of the prettiest spots along the Lady Evelyn River. This is a moderately challenging day adventure (no whitewater skills required and running rapids is optional). This featured day trek offers the best of the wilderness park with exceptional photographic opportunities.

Lost Lake Wine & Cheese Hike: 5 km. 3 hours’ return
Wine & Cheese provided

This is a wonderful hike through Temagami old-growth forests. Lost Lake is a spring-fed lake only accessible by hiking trail. After a circle tour of the lake, we relax below a rock cliff and staging area with a fine spread of wine and classic cheeses. This is best enjoyed in the late afternoon. This is an easy trek with a few rocky sections.

Interpretive Ancient Forest Hike: 3 km. 2-2.5 hours’ return
Snacks provided

Temagami has a rich First Nations history attached to the ancient forest ecosystem. This hike would appeal to photographers and nature enthusiasts that enjoy the details, stories and myths that define Temagami. This is an easy trek with a couple of steep climbs that take in all the loop trails around Walden Pond.


Day Excursions by Floatplane

montageScenic Flight over Ontario’s Highest Peaks: 3 hours (including guided canoe to/from plane landing on Katherine Lake) Snacks provided. Price TBD.

This 45-minute flight takes in a circle route over the parks ‘rock-knob-uplands’, the highest peaks in the province. Maple Mountain or “Chee-bay-jing”, place-where-the-soul-spirit-dwells, was once a burial place for the Teme Augama Anishnabe. Ishpatina Ridge – highest point in Ontario, also plays an important role in aboriginal cultural history.

Guided or Unguided?

Many of these day adventures can be self-guided tours. The advantage of an organized guided adventure offers the addition of background knowledge Hap & Andrea Wilson, and all of our staff has relating to cultural and ecological information, local features and points of interest you may miss along the way. Our goal at Cabin Falls Ecolodge is to maximize your adventure during your stay with us.

For more information on adventures, contact us at: contact@cabinfalls.ca